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The Best Planting Time of Peanuts
来源:   发表于:2017-4-11

General sowing time of peanuts:

The peanuts can be sowed under the following condition---10 cm-deep soil whose temperature is above 15℃for 5 days.Conversely, the temperature below 11℃ is not suitable for sowing, otherwise the seed of peanuts would be dead or rotten. Under this circumstance,the seed of peanuts can not grow normally even if they sprout, which would influence the final production. The general sowing time of peanuts is from the middle of April to the first ten-day period of May. The plastic film cover ,however, can be sowed in the middle of March.

The peanuts with shell used in sowing should be dried before two or three days when sowed. After this process, skin the shell of peanuts and blend the imidacloprid flowable concentrate for seed coating of 60% with the phoxim carbendazim flowable concentrate for seed coating of 16%.

Two or three seeds can be sowed in each hole.The appropriate depth of sowing is from 3cm to 5cm. The viscid soil with good moisture content should be dug more shallow; conversely, the sandy soil with bad moisture content should be dug more deep. The farming areas of spring peanuts should use the plastic film mulching and should sow the peanuts as early as possible in order to increase the final production.

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